Font Changer (donate, root) 1.8.7 Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

Font Changer (donate, root) 1.8.7 Free Download screenshot

All mobile phones have default font and font size, so you’re fortunate enough if the phone you have has a selection of other font styles. But you don’t need to buy a new phone just to experience new font styles, just download Font Changer (donate, root) and see for yourself.

Font Changer (donate, root) basically gives you the chance to change your default font style into another. It replaces all the fonts on your mobile phone so be careful in choosing the right font for you. But if ever you want to go back and use your previous font style, this application creates automatic backup so you can switch on it whenever you want.

Font Changer (donate, root) previews font styles that you choose so you have an idea of what the fonts look like. It also has this font picker which lets you change individual fonts to add more style on your messages.

Requires *FULL ROOT* (aka NAND unlocked or S-OFF) and *BUSYBOX*. If you don't know what either means stay away! Not all custom firmwares may work, but MIUI does. Check out the (free) ad-supported version if unsure whether this will work for you.

Font Changer allows you to switch the default system font on your Android device (will replace the keyboard font too for a fresh typing experience). It creates an automatic backup of the default fonts at the beginning. When removing the application it should be done from inside its settings to restore your default fonts.

Further features include:

* Screen density changer which allows you to virtually increase/decrease the size to make things appear bigger/smaller (not MIUI compatible)

* Quick reboot (not MIUI compatible)

* Font previews

* Localisation in English, Russian, Polish, Korean, Bulgarian, and Spanish

Fonts are not included for legal reasons. Information on how to add fonts and how to use Font Changer is inside the application. For more information check out the website. If you have any problems (that includes requests for refunds) please send an email, I cannot reply to comments. Thank you.

Permissions explained:

* REBOOT - to reboot the device (achieved through root anyway)

* WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - moving and deleting fonts

* INTERNET - checking the license server (if you ever get a license error try again in a few minutes as this usually depends on Google's servers)

System Requirements:

No special requirements

Font Changer (donate, root) 1.8.7 Free Download screenshot